Welcome to the November issue of Full Exposure. I'm sure you will enjoy this edition! This month we bring you an european celebraty! Don't miss anything, ok? As always click on the pictures to see the big ones and click "next" on the navigation bar (at right) to enjoy all the pages!

Click here to see the big one Our special guest this month is LegMistress from England. She provide us an exclusive set of exciting photos on her feet & shoes. I'll leave you now with LegMistress herself...

"Allow me to introduce myself to the viewers and readers of my favourite chat site, one I have been chatting on for nearly two years. I am LegMistress..."

Click here to see the big one
LegMistress (on heels) accessing our site

"... a slightly strange name, given to me by a Leg and Heel submissive many years ago, which stuck when I created my web site. You will, over the coming pages, gain a small glimpse of my world of personal domination and see a little of my love and passion for stockings and high heels."
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