We're finally back!! After a long, long "vacation" we bring you a freshly new edition of Full Exposure. We are trying a new format for this section of the site. We hope you enjoy it! Please, feel free to send your comments.

Well, for this special edition we bring you a special lady: Domina Irene Boss. Last time she featured Full Exposure it was a huge success, so we thought that would be a great idea to have her back again!

Full Exposure: Domina Boss, thank you for taking some time to do this interview. I would start asking for how long have you been a professional dominatrix now? And how did you get into this? What did you do before becoming a prodomme?

Domina Boss: I have been in practice since 1994. I decided to become a professional Domina after doing several performance art shows which were based on D/s themes. I had been working as an exotic dancer at the time and have also enjoyed other professions along the way before entering this one - teaching and archaeology to name two of them. Professional Dominance worked for me in the long run for this reason: I answer only to myself in this occupation. In other employment I had to work for someone else and did not consider it to be a lifestyle. I am not a follower or a team player; I am a leader. I am lucky to have found this occupation because it suits me so well.

FE: When not in the scene what you like most to do?

DB: Traveling to other parts of the world is my primary passion outside of the D/s scene. I have been to many countries in Europe. Egypt and South America are two other places. Tibet and Antarctica are two I would like to visit in the future. I have an adventurous spirit. (5 times now to OWK) Traveling really expands my mind and inspires creativity in other aspects of my life. I go on a trip about once a month now. I really love to hike and ride horses.

FE: Do you have any hobbies?

DB: Aviculture, literature, cinema, and doing 5 miles a day!

FE: What qualities do you like in a client?

DB: Honesty and integrity. I see many different types of clients - but the personality of the individual determines whether we will have a good experience. I screen carefully because I want to have enjoyable positive experiences with compatible play partners. It is important to me that a prospective client not be too rigid; I want him to see me as a person and not just a symbol of his fetishism.

FE: What would be your advice to someone who want to see a prodomme for the first time?

DB: Research! Do your homework and don't just book an appointment because you want to get it over with. Choose to contact a Domina who trains novices and has an interest in your kink. That is very important.

FE: What are your major turnoffs? What really turns you on?

DB: Hmmmm...I am trying to come up with the turnoffs and I cant think of any right now! I think I am lucky because at this juncture I have a good stable of slaves. I can tell you what turns me on though: The knowledge that I am playing with an individual who trusts me enough to try activities they had only fantasized about previously. You know what? I think that turns most Mistresses on!

I love introducing fetishists to other fetishes - for example, slaves who like feet can expect me to want to tie them up (if they are amenable) and put my feet on their face or another part of them. I enjoy placing people in bondage so much! I might force them to wear and walk in shoes or boots. Those who are open
to the idea of electricity may be forced to kiss my foot while I hold a violet wand, ect...

The primal scene can often be a comfortable point of departure for new things, but it is important to remember that people have to want to go to these places with me. I don&Mac226;t just take them there. It has to be mutually agreed upon first, and if they don&Mac226;t want to do something, we don&Mac226;t do it. I don&Mac226;t stretch limits or exceed boundaries. I simply encourage kinky behavior and am there with them to accept, shape, share and control it!

FE: Have you ever been submissive?

DB: No. Have you? (ha ha)

FE: What was the strangest thing you've seen on a session?

DB: I had someone in upside down bondage suspension (BTW - him in rubber and boots and myself in rubber and stilettos!) and it was a really intense moment while I was whipping him. The light bulb illuminating the room shattered. I did not hit the bulb, I just cracked the whip really hard. It was really freaky, and we continued on with the scene in the darkness.

FE: What your slave should do when at your feet?

DB: Simply wait for the commands! I am very good at giving them, you know.

FE: What would be your #1 fetish?

DB: Oh I cannot choose! It would be exotic fashions. Besides my shoe collection there are boots, gloves, hats, corsets and costumes. It all fits together to form a whole.

FE: What is your relation with feet and/or foot fetish?

DB: It was my first orientation to the fetish world. I had a thing about fashion in my teens. I would draw clothing and footwear that interested me. I had access to very high heels at a young age and was not ashamed or afraid to wear them. (I was an exhibitionist and still am) I saved my money for a long time and when I turned 13 my mother allowed me to buy a pair of 6" wedgies with spaghetti straps. They were red white and blue, and I wore them until they fell apart. I was fascinated by corsets and restrictive lingerie also.

FE: How do you take care of your feet?

DB: Pampering! Daily foot massages, baths, shae butter, and pedicures. Walking on sandy beaches is really good too, it is like a natural pedicure.

FE: Domina Boss, you are well known on the fetish scene for your video production company. Could you tell us about this experience?

DB: I went to college for a number of things but ended up with the most credits in the subject of video production, so strangely - I actually did end up doing what I went to school for. I never thought I would.

Developing a studio was a creative experience - kind of like an erotic installation in a room of my home. Now I have 6 such rooms in a building, and am frequently behind and in front of the camera as often as I am playing without it!

I produce videos on various D/s subjects and fetishes, and a few that deal specifically with shoe and foot fetishes are: Boot Camp, Pig Boy, OWK American Style, Tickle Treat Smell My Feet, Its Electric, jayne's addiction, Irene Boss meets Lady Cheyenne, Gang Bang, The victim of a brutal raping (great trampling and foot worship scenes) Irene Boss 1 and 2, Toilet Bowl Blues, Private Sessions Spanking (great foot worship scenes), and edwina returns (in the edit room).
[N.E.: Click here to buy one of this videos]

FE: Domina Boss, now I'll drop you some short questions, for some quick answers.
FE: Boots or shoes? Favorite shoe store? Favorite nail polisher color? How many pairs of fetish shoes you own? Fetish boots? Regular shoes? Regular boots? Shoe size?

DB: It appears that I have long answers for some of your short questions! Do I prefer boots or shoes? Shoes at the moment: White leather opera pumps with 6 inch steel tipped heels (I often unscrew a heel after a scene and order a slave to leave with it in his mouth and return with it in his mouth for the next scene. It sits on his desk in a coffee cup or in his drawer at work until he returns!) There are small dents all over the soft wood floors of the third level of my studio due to my fascination with heels. I had a boot fetish for many years, then went into rubber and electricity and now - I am looking at shoes again. I bought the sexiest pair recently at OWK - black kid leather opera pumps with 6 1/2 inch heels and a very high arch. I can only wear them for about a half hour before literally beating the tar out of someone! :-)

My favorite shoe store? The shop at OWK. There are even servant helpers and a living figurine in case I get irritable. My favorite nail polisher color? French manicure.

How many pairs of fetish shoes do I own? I have a room for my shoes and boots, and you foot slaves are going to come here and count them someday! Seriously, I just threw away (no kidding) 3 large garbage bags of shoes to make more room, so you know I am addicted. I felt selling them would be tacky, though I would consider allowing an individual to bring a new pair with him to his session and then leave with them afterwards for that fetish connection (I wear a size 8 by the way).I am also open to the idea of individuals sending me shoes or boots which I will then display photographs of myself wearing on my website and these I would want to keep. Nothing less than a 6‰ heel or ballet boot will do. I have a huge closet filled with flats and ankle boots already. No, I am not going to count them. You foot slaves will come here and do that! (he he)

Do I have fetish boots? Yes - 17 pairs in different varieties. I also have shoes and boots for my boys who like to dress up.

Flávio, I love your site and it is always a pleasure to talk to you! I hope your readers enjoy this candid new interview and this variety of photographs.Sincerely, Boss.

Editor's Note: to feel how is to serve Domina Boss, check this short story written by one of Her slaves.

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