Here we are again. I'm glad to be able to launch this August edition of Full Exposure. I'm also satisfied with the huge amount of messages I've received showing how much you liked our last edition. Thanks!! I hope you enjoy this new issue! As usual, feel free to send your comments.

For this edition I bring you one of the most known professional dominatrix worldwide. I'm proud to present you Mistress Katja Minx from Los Angeles, USA. She was very kind allowing me to interview her. Enjoy!

Full Exposure: Mistress Katja Minx, thank you for taking some time to do this interview. I would start asking for how long have you been a professional dominatrix now? And how did you get into this?

Mistress Katja Minx: I have been a professional Domina for almost 12 years now - how the time does fly. On the East Coast, I was known as Lulu or Mistress Lulu. I started out as a fetish purrformance artist and dancer at gothic and industrial nightclubs. I had a long-standing Catwoman fetish, and incorporated this into my shows which got me noticed quite quickly. I was a dancer and provocateur with the fetish band Sleep Chamber, and I've hosted many smaller and major fetish events! I've travelled extensively through Europe (purrticularly Germany) and the United States seeing slaves and doing purrformances. I have worked at many of the major Houses of Domination (Nutcracker Suite, Angel Stern's, Dungeons of Mistress Elizabeth, Lady Laura's Dominion), worked alongside other illustrious Dominas (Ilsa Strix, Sabrina Belladonna), and now have my own playspace, both devious and divine, in Los Angeles.

FE: What did you do before becoming a prodomme?

KM: I had many varied positions before becoming a professional Domina - in artistic offices and retail outlets - which served me well in training me how to conduct myself professionally, and maintain a business! I certainly would not still be around if I was frivolous with my money.

FE: When not in the scene what you like most to do?

KM: Practice yoga and Pilates, prepare vegetarian meals, ride motorcycles, practicing my German, and playing with my kitties...

FE: Do you have any hobbies?

KM: This is always the part where I surprise people... I am a hardcore knitter (anyone who has been caught in my rope bondage can attest to that!), and I design knitwear for top clothing companies. I also design and make medieval chainmail (see my website for pictures of me modelling my own creations!). I raise kitties, I currently have six. And I play the accordion!

FE: What qualities do you like in a client?

KM: I require all of my playthings to be submissive, masochistic, or fetishistic, and to know the difference! I expect generosity of mind and body, and I enjoy intelligent slaves.... since I do not play in scenes that I do not purrsonally enjoy, I expect my clientele to share at least some of my SM interests, and to trust and submit to me totally for the time spent in my dungeon. I am a professional, I expect to be treated as such.

FE: What would be your advice to someone who want to see a prodomme for the first time?

KM: Choose carefully! Anyone can hang out a shingle and call themselves a "Dominatrix". Do your homework, search the internet and magazines, and do not choose a Domina based on looks alone... you will generally have a far greater experience if you see a Domina with years of experience under her leather belt than with an 18 year old who looks cute in a miniskirt! S&M is as much mental as it is physical, and an experienced Domina understands this, and can manipulate your mind as easily as she can manipulate your body.

  • If you respond to an advert and the Mistress looks totally different from her photo, leave!
  • If you arrive at a designated address, and the dungeon is dirty or dangerous, leave!
  • Share any pertinent medical information with your Mistress! If she doesn't ask, tell!
  • If you ask for a session of only foot and boot worship, and the Mistress just starts to whip you and yell at you, leave!

Expect to discuss your fantasies and experiences for a few minutes when you meet your Mistress for the first time. Be honest, it is very easy for us to tell when you're lying, and it will affect the dynamic of your session if I have to stop whipping you because you have only fantasized about being whipped until you cry...

FE: What are your major turnoffs? What really turns you on?

KM: Needy slaves who try to monopolize my time by calling incessantly at all hours of the day... and those who cannot respect my experience and drop names of other Mistresses that they have served... Bondage is my main turn on. A truly ready, confident slave, who is comfortable with his fetish appeals to me. And when I can get him wrapped from head to toe in intricate rope bondage, slowly taking away his sense of sight, sense of hearing, sense of smell... controlling every limb, having his genitalia at my command, the blood that flows through his veins, the breath that fills his lungs... the true power exchange, the "mind fuck" that goes along with it, is what gets my blood flowing.

FE: Have you ever been submissive?

KM: No, I am purrsonally Dominant. I have trained many submissives, however, so I can get into the mindset, but I cannot eroticize pain nor submit to the will of a partner.

FE: What was the strangest thing you've seen on a session?

KM: Over the years, I've seen a lot of strange things. But strange is a relative term. Many people outside of the SM scene would think that everything I do is strange, yet to me it's just another day at the office!

FE: What your slave should do when at your feet?

KM: Begin worshipping when given the word. Do it carefully, follow my direction at first. Purrticularly the first time you are welcomed into my dungeon, I will direct you in the proper way to worship my feet. My toes are very long, the second toes being longer than the big toes, and I was a dancer for many years. My feet have special needs and are put under special stresses, and so the massage techniques must be special as well. Do not suck on my toes or kiss my feet until told to do so. You will only be allowed to worship me from the knee down, do not take this priviledge for granted.

FE: What would be your #1 fetish?

KM: Tight boots & tight corsetry! My newest favorite pair, boots of fine black leather, almost crotch high, zips up the inside, with skyscraper 9" stiletto heels and a 4" platform from The Little Shoe Box, make me feel like the Queen of the Jungle! I also adore having my knee-high ballet boots worshipped... And corsetry, purrticularly leather corsets, I have a lovely collection and I simply cannot stop buying more! When I have been wearing them on a regular basis, I can cinch down to 20", lately since my wearing has been more casual I wear my 22" corsets more.

FE: What is your relation with feet and/or shoe fetish?

KM: Well, I have two feet (a bit of sarcasm there!)... they are strong, flexible and graceful from dancing... long and thin with a strong toe grip, and I enjoy having them worshipped by devoted foot slaves who know what they're doing, yet are willing to take instruction.

FE: How do you take care of your feet?

KM: I care for my feet myself. As much as I enjoy the professional pedicure, I find that I rarely have the time these days! So I like to give myself a refreshing foot bath with my fizzy foot tablets, let them soak in a small tub until they are nice and relaxed, dry them well with a fluffy towel, then apply my favorite cruelty-free foot cream so that they tingle! Then it's time to push back the cuticles and start painting! I have a large selection of nail polish to choose from, and once I pick out a color that I like, I separate my toes, and paint away... a base coat, 2 color coats, then a clear topcoat makes for a shiny, long-lasting pedicure.

FE: Mistress Katja, now I'll drop you some short questions, for some quick answers.
Boots or shoes? Generally boots. I'm drawn to them because I adore the way they make my legs look... but I have a huge wardrobe of fetish shoes of all sorts, fabrics, colors... I just love to wear different ones all the time!

Favorite shoe store? I have never visited most of my favorite shoe stores! With the proliferation of the internet, I am only a click away from some of the most exotic footwear anywhere, and I am not limited to what I can find locally. Some favorites that I visit over and over are: The Little Shoe Box in London, La Piazza, Leatherworks, SteevAnnie Heels, Extrem Zapatos, How Cool Shoes, Mega Heels, & Apocalypse Shoes.... there are links to all of these sites on my website, and direct links (with pictures of shoes that I currently covet!) in the Material Tributes pages and on the Shoe of The Week page in my Members section.

Favorite nail polisher color? Deep, dark burgundy or blood red. Depends on my mood and my outfit. How many pairs of fetish shoes you own? 101 (and counting!) Fetish boots? 31 (and 2 more on the way...) Regular shoes? 136 (I add to these all the time...) Regular boots? 51 (these boots were made for walkin'...) Shoe size? 9 1/2 (10 for extreme heels) American, 8 UK.

FE: Do you have any special area dedicated to the foot/shoe fetichists at your site?

KM: On my website,, in the Members section, I treat my members to a special feature called Shoe of the Week! Each week I spotlight another pair of shoes or boots with they're own gallery of me modelling them. The focus here is entirely on the footwear, sometimes a bit of leg, but I found that so many slaves were contacting me about my exotic shoes and boots that they deserved their own section!

FE: Mistress Katja, please, your final words...

KM: Well, for those who seek audience with me I would recommend to read this!

Contact Information:

Mistress Katja Minx
recorder info: (323)878-2357
dungeon line: (213)219-3293

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