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BootLady Teri accessing our site
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Welcome to the August 2001 edition of Full Exposure! In fact, this is a very special edition. For the first time in Full Exposure our guest is not a professional dominatrix! But don't worry. I'm sure you will be completely satisfied with this feature. Our guest recently became a well know celebrity on the fetish scene. It is my pleasure to introduce you to BootLady Teri from Los Angeles, California. She will now address you... "A big hello to the readers of Full Exposure! I am very flattered to be invited to appear in Elizalde's ezine but I'm more than a little intimidated being the first non-pro to be featured! My name is Teri and I am a 33 year old Los Angeles based tech-head and web designer. I'm also a hardcore boot and leather fetishist and have been since childhood. About two years ago, I received a phone call from an old friend named DJ who was very interested in starting a real boot fetish site but needed help with the technical/graphic design side of things."
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